Jay-Z & Me: A One Woman Show

Hailed by Laura Jacobs at Vanity Fair as 'a hilarious, cerebral force-field of a one-woman show' and by the Irish Echo as ' wildly witty and gritty', Brenda Cullerton's Jay Z&Me premiered at the acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2014. The tale of a tiny, 60 year-old white woman's obsession with the world's most famous hip hop legend and how she breaks her back at his baptismal concert in Brooklyn, and finally meets THE MAN, the show also reveals what life, love, and work is like with no cell phone.  A sell-out in its New York runs at Stage Left Studios, 59E59th, and IRT and at Amsterdam's Merchant House, Cullerton is now performing as a stand-up comic and looks forward to her future working as a waitress.